Azure Communication Services Job Router logs

Azure Communication Services offers logging capabilities that you can use to monitor and debug your Communication Services solution. You configure these capabilities through the Azure portal.

The content in this article refers to logs enabled through Azure Monitor (see also FAQ). To enable these logs for Communication Services, see Enable logging in diagnostic settings.

Resource log categories

Communication Services offers the following types of logs that you can enable:

  • Job Router incoming operations logs: Provide information about incoming requests for Job Router operations. Every entry corresponds to the result of an api request to Job Router APIs, such as UpsertJob, ListClassificationPolicies, DeleteWorker, and AcceptJobOffer.

ACSJobRouterIncomingOperations logs

Here are the properties:

Property Description
TimeGenerated The time stamp (UTC) of when the log was generated.
Level The severity level of the operation.
CorrelationId The ID for correlated events. Can be used to identify correlated events between multiple tables.
OperationName The operation associated with log records.
OperationVersion The API version associated with the operation or version of the operation (if there is no API version).
URI The URI of the request.
ResultSignature The substatus of the operation. If this operation corresponds to a REST API call, this field is the HTTP status code of the corresponding REST call.
ResultType The status of the operation.
ResultDescription The static text description of this operation.
DurationMs The duration of the operation in milliseconds.
CallerIpAddress The caller IP address, if the operation corresponds to an API call that comes from an entity with a publicly available IP address.
SdkType The SDK type used in the request.
SdkVersion The SDK version.
EntityId The Entity ID for the request.
EntityType The Entity Type for the request.

Here's an example:

  "TimeGenerated": "2023-07-07T21:32:10.5497170Z",
  "Level": "Informational",
  "OperationName": "DeleteQueue",
  "OperationVersion": "2022-07-18-preview",
  "ResultType": "Succeeded",
  "ResultSignature": "204",
  "ResultDescription": "No Content", 
  "DurationMs": "73.3857",
  "CallerIpAddress": "",
  "CorrelationId": "6b300c18827245e3b43d3c0179d75af3",
  "URI": "",
  "SdkType": "dotnet",
  "EntityId": "328135a9-6c1f-49eb-af32-0a477af97999",
  "EntityType": "Queues"