Email metrics overview

Azure Communication Services currently provides metrics for all Azure communication services' primitives. Azure Metrics Explorer can be used to plot your own charts, investigate abnormalities in your metric values, and understand your API traffic by using the metrics data that email requests emit.

Where to find metrics

Primitives in Azure Communication Services emit metrics for API requests. These metrics can be found in the Metrics tab under your Communication Services resource. You can also create permanent dashboards using the workbooks tab under your Communication Services resource.

Metric definitions

All API request metrics contain three dimensions that you can use to filter your metrics data. These dimensions can be aggregated together using the Count aggregation type and support all standard Azure Aggregation time series including Sum, Average, Min, and Max.

More information about supported aggregation types and time series aggregations, see Advanced features of Azure Metrics Explorer.

  • Operation - All operations or routes that can be called on the Azure Communication Services Chat gateway.
  • Status Code - The status code response sent after the request.
  • StatusSubClass - The status code series sent after the response.

Email Service Delivery Status Updates

The Email Service Delivery Status Updates metric lets the email sender track SMTP and Enhanced SMTP status codes and get an idea of how many hard bounces they're encountering.

The following dimensions are available on the Email Service Delivery Status Updates metric:

Dimension Description
Result High level status of the message delivery: Success, Failure.
MessageStatus Terminal state of the Delivered, Failed, Suppressed. Emails are suppressed when a user sends an email to an email address that is known not to exist. Sending emails to addresses that don't exist trigger a hard bounce.
IsHardBounce True when a message delivery failed due to a hard bounce or if an item was suppressed due to a previous hard bounce.
SenderDomain The domain portion of the senders email address.
SmtpStatusCode Smpt error code from for failed deliveries.
EnhancedSmtpStatusCode The EnhancedSmtpStatusCode status code will be emitted if it's available. This status code provides other details not available with the SmtpStatusCode.

Screenshot showing the Email delivery status update metric - IsHardBounce.

Screenshot showing the Email delivery status update metric - SmptStatusCode.

Email Service API requests

The following operations are available for the Email Service API Requests metric. These standard dimensions are supported: StatusCode, StatusCodeClass, StatusCodeReason, and Operation.

Operation Description
SendMail Email Send API.
GetMessageStatus Get the delivery status of a messageId.

Screenshot showing the Email API Request Metrics.

Email User Engagement

The Email Service User Engagement metric is supported with HTML type emails and must be opted into on your Domains resource. These dimensions are available for Email Service User Engagement metrics:

Dimension Description
EngagementType Type of interaction performed by the receiver of the email.

Screenshot showing the Email user engagement metric.

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