Job Router metrics overview

Where to find metrics

Primitives in Azure Communication Services emit metrics for API requests. These metrics can be found in the Metrics tab under your Azure Communication Services resource. You can also create permanent dashboards using the workbooks tab under your Azure Communication Services resource.

Metric definitions

All API request metrics contain four dimensions that you can use to filter your metrics data. These dimensions can be aggregated together using the Count aggregation.

More information on supported aggregation types and time series aggregations can be found Advanced features of Azure Metrics Explorer.

  • Operation - All operations or routes that can be called on the Azure Communication Services gateway.

  • API Version – The version of the API used in the API request.

  • Status Code - The status code response sent after the request.

  • StatusSubClass - The status code series sent after the response.

Job Router API requests

The following operations are available on Job Router API request metrics:

Operation / Route Description
UpsertClassificationPolicy Creates or updates a classification policy
GetClassificationPolicy Retrieves an existing classification policy by ID
ListClassificationPolicies Retrieves existing classification policies
DeleteDistributionPolicy Delete a classification policy by ID
UpsertDistributionPolicy Creates or updates a distribution policy
GetDistributionPolicy Retrieves an existing distribution policy by ID
ListDistributionPolicies Retrieves existing distribution policies
DeleteDistributionPolicy Delete a distribution policy by ID
UpsertExceptionPolicy Creates or updates an exception policy
GetExceptionPolicy Retrieves an existing exception policy by ID
ListExceptionPolicies Retrieves existing exception policies
DeleteExceptionPolicy Delete an exception policy by ID
UpsertQueue Creates or updates a queue
GetQueue Retrieves an existing queue by ID
GetQueues Retrieves existing queues
DeleteQueue Delete a queue by ID
GetQueueStatistics Retrieves a queue's statistics
UpsertJob Creates or updates a job
GetJob Retrieves an existing job by ID
GetJobs Retrieves existing jobs
DeleteJob Delete a queue policy by ID
ReclassifyJob Reclassify a job
CancelJob Submits request to cancel an existing job by ID while supplying free-form cancellation reason
CompleteJob Completes an assigned job
CloseJob Closes a completed job
AcceptJobOffer Accepts an offer to work on a job and returns a 409/Conflict if another agent accepted the job already
DeclineJobOffer Declines an offer to work on a job
UpsertWorker Creates or updates a worker
GetWorker Retrieves an existing worker by ID
GetWorkers Retrieves existing workers
DeleteWorker Deletes a worker and all of its traces

Diagram that shows the Job Router API requests.

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