Quickstart - Create and manage Email Communication Service resource in Azure Communication Service


This feature of Azure Communication Services is currently in preview.

Preview APIs and SDKs are provided without a service-level agreement. We recommend that you don't use them for production workloads. Some features might not be supported, or they might have constrained capabilities.

For more information, review Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

Get started with Email by provisioning your first Email Communication Services resource. Communication services resources can be provisioned through the Azure portal or with the .NET management client library. The management client library and the Azure portal allow you to create, configure, update and delete your resources and interface with Azure Resource Manager, Azure's deployment and management service. All functionality available in the client libraries is available in the Azure portal.

Create the Email Communications Service resource using portal

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal to create a new resource.

  2. Search for Email Communication Services and hit enter. Select Email Communication Services and press Create

    Screenshot that shows how to search Email Communication Service in market place.

    Screenshot that shows Create link to create Email Communication Service.

  3. Complete the required information on the basics tab:

    • Select an existing Azure subscription.

    • Select an existing resource group, or create a new one by clicking the Create new link.

    • Provide a valid name for the resource.

    • Select United States as the data location.

    • If you would like to add tags, click Next: Tags

      • Add any name/value pairs.
    • Click Next: Review + create.

      Screenshot that shows how to the summary for review and create Email Communication Service.

  4. Wait for the validation to pass. Click Create

  5. Wait for the Deployment to complete. Click Go to Resource will land on Email Communication Service Overview Page.

    Screenshot that shows the overview of Email Communication Service resource.

Next steps

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