Get started with the UI Library Design Kit (Figma)

This article describes how to get started with the UI Library Design Kit (Figma).

Design faster

The UI Library Design Kit is a resource to help you design user interfaces built on Azure Communication Services. By using the APIs in Azure Communication Services, you can deploy applications across any device, on any platform.

The UI Library Design Kit includes components, composites, and user experience guidance that's purpose-built to help bring your video calling and chat experiences to life faster.

The UI Library Design Kit can help you to:

  • Build an iterative design flow.
  • Gain visibility for rapid collaboration.
  • Design faster with real content.
  • Maintain design consistency.
  • Test and iterate quickly.

UI Library components and composites

The same components and composites offered in the UI Library Design Kit are available in Figma. For this reason, you can quickly begin designing and prototyping your calling and chat experiences.

Built on Fluent

The UI Library Design Kit's components are based on Fluent UI, the cross-platform design system that's used by Microsoft. As a result, the components are built with usability, accessibility, and localization in mind.

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