Monitoring Azure Communications Gateway data reference

Learn about the data and resources collected by Azure Monitor from your Azure Communications Gateway workspace. See Monitoring Azure Communications Gateway for details on collecting and analyzing monitoring data for Azure Communications Gateway.


This section lists all the automatically collected metrics collected for Azure Communications Gateway. The resource provider for these metrics is Microsoft.VoiceServices/communicationsGateways.

Error metrics

Metric Unit Description
Active Call Failures Percentage Percentage of active calls that fail. This metric includes, for example, calls where the media is dropped and calls that are torn down unexpectedly.

Traffic metrics

Metric Unit Description
Active Calls Count Count of the total number of active calls.
Active Emergency Calls Count Count of the total number of active emergency calls.

Metric Dimensions

For more information on what metric dimensions are, see Multi-dimensional metrics.

Azure Communications Gateway has the following dimensions associated with its metrics.

Dimension Name Description
Region The Service Locations defined in your Azure Communications Gateway resource.

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