BeeKeeperAI, Inc.


BeeKeeperAI safely accelerates artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm development and deployment by using Azure confidential computing capabilities within a zero trust and sightless computing environment.

Their EscrowAI collaboration platform enables algorithm developers to compute securely and ethically on real-world, protected data. The platform enables optimal algorithm development, deployment, and ongoing monitoring for use cases that require:

  • Data that can't be deidentified (genomic, retinal, social determinants of health)
  • Small datasets that are difficult to deidentify (rare disease)
  • Data that is too sensitive to risk exposure (mental health)
  • Deidentification efforts that are time consuming or too costly

EscrowAI is a SaaS offering available in the Azure Cloud environment requiring little time to activate. You can try it today from the Azure Marketplace solution.

You can also check out how BeeKeeperAI speeds healthcare AI development with Azure confidential computing and Intel SGX, in our Customer Stories published here.

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