Edgeless Systems


Edgeless Systems is a cybersecurity startup on the mission to build easy-to-use, open-source tools that make confidential computing accessible to everyone. They develop innovative software that enables new and exciting forms of trustworthy data processing.

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Scalable confidential apps on AKS with EGo and MarbleRun

In this webinar, Felix Schuster, CEO and cofounder of Edgeless Systems, is giving an introduction to the EGo and MarbleRun products. EGo lets anyone create an SGX-enabled app in 5-min. MarbleRun makes it possible to scale and manage SGX-enabled apps on the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), effectively extending the properties of a single SGX enclave to an entire Kubernetes cluster. As this webinar shows, this makes it possible to build privacy-preserving and scalable Al training on AKS.

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Constellation, the world’s first Confidential Kubernetes

Constellation keeps all data in a Kubernetes deployment encrypted---at rest, in transit, and during processing in memory. Constellation protects the integrity of the control plane and the workload. Finally, Constellation makes these properties easily verifiable. With Constellation, your Kubernetes cluster is shielded as a whole from the cloud environment and is protected against both hackers and insider threat.

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Get started with Edgeless Systems on Azure today

You can learn more and get started with these Azure Marketplace solutions, here. You can also find code and the docs on their GitHub.

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