Scontain sells the SCONE platform and confidential services like Spark and MariaDB. It supports its customers in setting up confidential multi-stakeholder computing and confidential machine learning. Scontain helps its customers to build confidential services and to educate developers.

You can learn more about Scontain in partner webinar here.

SCONE platform for Azure confidential computing

SCONE supports the development and operations of modern confidential cloud-native applications and multi-party confidential computing. It enables service providers and software developers to transform their applications into confidential applications running inside TEE hardware enclaves (for example, Intel SGX) without requiring source code changes. The platform supports all common programming languages and has excellent performance.

You can try the SCONE platform on Azure today, check out their page on Azure Marketplace.

SCONE Confidential PySpark on Kubernetes

The SCONE Confidential PySpark Virtual Machine includes everything you need to evaluate our confidential PySpark offering on a Kubernetes cluster. Run distributed tasks on large datasets while protecting your Spark application code and data. Remote attestation ensures that your workload hasn't been tampered with when deployed to an untrusted host - for example a VM instance or a Kubernetes node that runs on the cloud. In this process, attestation evidence provided by Intel SGX hardware is analyzed by an attestation provider, such as Intel or Microsoft Azure Attestation.

Head to this offering on Azure Marketplace to learn more.

SCONE Confidential Computing Playground

The SCONE Playground Virtual Machine has everything you need to evaluate the SCONE Confidential Computing Platform. The Virtual Machine includes our internal tooling (scone-build and sconify-image for effortlessly transforming standard container images into confidential ones), preloaded container images and Helm charts, a local Kubernetes cluster, as well as many practical examples, from simple "Hello World" applications to complex, distributed, multi-stakeholder Machine Learning scenarios with TensorFlow and Spark. This way one can try our solutions without the need to set up everything from scratch (install all the tooling, manage access tokens, setup Kubernetes clusters, and so on...).

This is the easiest way to get started with SCONE, now available on Azure Marketplace.

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