Azure Container Apps environments

Individual container apps are deployed to a single Container Apps environment, which acts as a secure boundary around groups of container apps. Container Apps in the same environment are deployed in the same virtual network and write logs to the same Log Analytics workspace. You may provide an existing virtual network when you create an environment.

Azure Container Apps environments.

Reasons to deploy container apps to the same environment include situations when you need to:

  • Manage related services
  • Deploy different applications to the same virtual network
  • Instrument Dapr applications that communicate via the Dapr service invocation API
  • Have applications to share the same Dapr configuration
  • Have applications share the same log analytics workspace

Reasons to deploy container apps to different environments include situations when you want to ensure:

  • Two applications never share the same compute resources
  • Two Dapr applications can't communicate via the Dapr service invocation API


Settings relevant to the Azure Container Apps environment API resource.

Property Description
properties.appLogsConfiguration Used for configuring Log Analytics workspace where logs for all apps in the environment will be published
properties.containerAppsConfiguration.daprAIInstrumentationKey App Insights instrumentation key provided to Dapr for tracing


Billing is relevant only to individual container apps and their resource usage. There are no base charges associated with the Container Apps environment.

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