Azure Resource Manager templates for Azure Container Instances

The following sample templates deploy container instances in various configurations.

For deployment options, see the Deployment section. If you'd like to create your own templates, the Azure Container Instances Resource Manager template reference details template format and available properties.

Sample templates


Network profiles have been retired as of the 2021-07-01 API version. If you're using this or a more recent version, ignore any steps and actions related to network profiles.

Template Description
WordPress Creates a WordPress website and its MySQL database in a container group. The WordPress site content and MySQL database are persisted to an Azure Files share. Also creates an application gateway to expose public network access to WordPress.
MS NAV with SQL Server and IIS Deploys a single Windows container with a fully featured self-contained Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.
emptyDir Deploys two Linux containers that share an emptyDir volume.
gitRepo Deploys a Linux container that clones a GitHub repo and mounts it as a volume.
secret Deploys a Linux container with a PFX cert mounted as a secret volume.
UDP-exposed container Deploys a Windows or Linux container that exposes a UDP port.
Linux container with public IP Deploys a single Linux container accessible via a public IP.
Deploy a container group with a virtual network Deploys a new virtual network, subnet, network profile, and container group.
Azure resources
Create Azure Storage account and Files share Uses the Azure CLI in a container instance to create a storage account and an Azure Files share.


You have several options for deploying resources with Resource Manager templates:

Azure CLI

Azure PowerShell

Azure portal