Content formats supported in Azure Container Registry

Use a private repository in Azure Container Registry to manage one of the following content formats.

Docker-compatible container images

The following Docker container image formats are supported:

OCI images

Azure Container Registry supports images that meet the Open Container Initiative (OCI) Image Format Specification, including the optional image index specification. Packaging formats include Singularity Image Format (SIF).

OCI artifacts

Azure Container Registry supports the OCI Distribution Specification, a vendor-neutral, cloud-agnostic spec to store, share, secure, and deploy container images and other content types (artifacts). The specification allows a registry to store a wide range of artifacts in addition to container images. You use tooling appropriate to the artifact to push and pull artifacts. For examples, see:

To learn more about OCI artifacts, see the OCI Registry as Storage (ORAS) repo and the OCI Artifacts repo on GitHub.

Helm charts

Azure Container Registry can host repositories for Helm charts, a packaging format used to quickly manage and deploy applications for Kubernetes. Helm client version 3 is recommended. See Push and pull Helm charts to an Azure container registry.

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