Enable Artifact Cache - Azure portal

This article is part two of a six-part tutorial series. Part one provides an overview of Artifact Cache, its features, benefits, and limitations. This article walks you through the steps of enabling Artifact Cache by using the Azure portal without authentication.


Configure Artifact Cache - Azure portal

Follow the steps to create cache rule in the Azure portal.

  1. Navigate to your Azure Container Registry.

  2. In the side Menu, under the Services, select Cache.

    Screenshot for Registry cache.

  3. Select Create Rule.

    Screenshot for Create Rule.

  4. A window for New cache rule appears.

    Screenshot for new Cache Rule.

  5. Enter the Rule name.

  6. Select Source Registry from the dropdown menu.

  7. Enter the Repository Path to the artifacts you want to cache.

  8. You can skip Authentication, if you aren't accessing a private repository or performing an authenticated pull.

  9. Under the Destination, Enter the name of the New ACR Repository Namespace to store cached artifacts.

    Screenshot to save Cache Rule.

  10. Select on Save

  11. Pull the image from your cache using the Docker command by the registry login server name, repository name, and its desired tag.

    • For example, to pull the image from the repository hello-world with its desired tag latest for a given registry login server myregistry.azurecr.io.
     docker pull myregistry.azurecr.io/hello-world:latest

Next steps

  • Advance to the next article to enable the Artifact Cache using Azure CLI.