Run Glowroot on Azure Cosmos DB for Apache Cassandra

APPLIES TO: Cassandra

Glowroot is an application performance management tool used to optimize and monitor the performance of your applications. This article explains how you can now use Glowroot within Azure Cosmos DB for Apache Cassandra to monitor your application's performance.

Prerequisites and Setup


Note that there are certain known incompatible build targets with newer versions. If you already have a newer version of Java, you can still download JDK8. If you have newer Java installed in addition to JDK8: Set the %JAVA_HOME% variable in the local command prompt to target JDK8. This will only change Java version for the current session and leave global machine settings intact.

  • Install maven
    • Verify successful installation by running: mvn --version

Run Glowroot central collector with Azure Cosmos DB endpoint

Once the endpoint configuration has been completed.

  1. Download Glowroot central collector distribution
  2. In the file, populate the following properties from your Azure Cosmos DB for Apache Cassandra endpoint
    • cassandra.contactPoints
    • cassandra.username
    • cassandra.password
  3. Set properties cassandra.ssl=true, cassandra.gcGraceSeconds=0, and cassandra.port=10350.
  4. Ensure that the is in the same folder as the glowroot-central.jar.
  5. Run java -jar glowroot-central.jar to begin running Glowroot.


Open a support ticket if you have issues running or testing Glowroot. Providing the subscription ID and account name where your Glowroot test will be running.

Next steps