Use Robo 3T with Azure Cosmos DB's API for MongoDB


To connect to Azure Cosmos DB account using Robo 3T, you must:

Connect using Robo 3T

To add your Azure Cosmos DB account to the Robo 3T connection manager, perform the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the connection information for your Azure Cosmos DB account configured with Azure Cosmos DB's API MongoDB using the instructions here.

    Screenshot of the connection string blade

  2. Run the Robomongo application.

  3. Click the connection button under File to manage your connections. Then, click Create in the MongoDB Connections window, which will open up the Connection Settings window.

  4. In the Connection Settings window, choose a name. Then, find the Host and Port from your connection information in Step 1 and enter them into Address and Port, respectively.

    Screenshot of the Robomongo Manage Connections

  5. On the Authentication tab, click Perform authentication. Then, enter your Database (default is Admin), User Name and Password. Both User Name and Password can be found in your connection information in Step 1.

    Screenshot of the Robomongo Authentication Tab

  6. On the SSL tab, check Use SSL protocol, then change the Authentication Method to Self-signed Certificate.

    Screenshot of the Robomongo SSL Tab

  7. Finally, click Test to verify that you are able to connect, then Save.

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