Use Studio 3T to connect to Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore


Studio 3T (also known as Robomongo or Robo 3T) is a professional GUI that offers IDE & client tools for MongoDB. It's a popular community tool to speed up MongoDB development with a straightforward user interface.


Connect using Studio 3T

To add your Azure Cosmos DB cluster to the Studio 3T connection manager, perform the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the connection information for your Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore using the instructions here.

    Screenshot of the connection string page.

  2. Run the Studio 3T application.

  3. Select the connection button under File to manage your connections. Then, select New Connection in the Connection Manager window, which opens another window where you can paste the connection credentials.

  4. In the connection credentials window, choose the first option and paste your connection string. Select Next to move forward.

    Screenshot of the Studio 3T connection credentials window.

  5. Choose a Connection name and double check your connection credentials.

    Screenshot of the Studio 3T connection details window.

  6. On the SSL tab, check Use SSL protocol to connect.

    Screenshot of the Studio 3T new connection TLS/SSL Tab.

  7. Finally, select Test Connection in the bottom left to verify that you're able to connect, then select Save.

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