How to view metrics in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

APPLIES TO: Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (powered by the Citus database extension to PostgreSQL)

Resource metrics are available for every node of a cluster, and in aggregate across the nodes.

View metrics

To access metrics for a cluster, open Metrics under Monitoring in the Azure portal.

Screenshot that shows the metrics screen.

Choose a dimension and an aggregation, for instance CPU percent and Max, to view the metric aggregated across all nodes. For an explanation of each metric, see here.

Screenshot that shows selecting dimension and aggregation.

View metrics per node

Viewing each node's metrics separately on the same graph is called splitting. To enable splitting, select Apply splitting, and then select the value by which to split. For nodes, choose Server name.

Screenshot that shows the Apply splitting button and selecting the splitting value.

The metrics will now be plotted in one color-coded line per node.

Multiple node chartlines

Next steps