Build scalable apps in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

APPLIES TO: Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (powered by the Citus database extension to PostgreSQL)

There are three steps involved in building scalable apps with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL:

  1. Classify your application workload. There are use-case where Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL shines: multi-tenant SaaS, real-time operational analytics, and high throughput OLTP. Determine whether your app falls into one of these categories.
  2. Based on the workload, identify the optimal shard key for the distributed tables. Classify your tables as reference, distributed, or local.
  3. Update the database schema and application queries to make them go fast across nodes.

Next steps

Before you start building a new app, you must first review a little more about the architecture of Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.