Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL distributed SQL API

APPLIES TO: Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (powered by the Citus database extension to PostgreSQL)

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL includes features beyond standard PostgreSQL. Below is a categorized reference of functions and configuration options for:

  • Parallelizing query execution across shards
  • Managing sharded data between multiple servers
  • Compressing data with columnar storage
  • Automating timeseries partitioning

SQL functions


Name Description
alter_distributed_table Change the distribution column, shard count or colocation properties of a distributed table
citus_copy_shard_placement Repair an inactive shard placement using data from a healthy placement
citus_schema_distribute Turn a PostgreSQL schema into a distributed schema
citus_schema_undistribute Undo the action of citus_schema_distribute
create_distributed_table Turn a PostgreSQL table into a distributed (sharded) table
create_reference_table Maintain full copies of a table in sync across all nodes
citus_add_local_table_to_metadata Add a local table to metadata to enable querying it from any node
isolate_tenant_to_new_shard Create a new shard to hold rows with a specific single value in the distribution column
truncate_local_data_after_distributing_table Truncate all local rows after distributing a table
undistribute_table Undo the action of create_distributed_table or create_reference_table

Shard rebalancing

Name Description
citus_add_rebalance_strategy Append a row to pg_dist_rebalance_strategy
citus_move_shard_placement Typically used indirectly during shard rebalancing rather than being called directly by a database administrator
citus_set_default_rebalance_strategy Change the strategy named by its argument to be the default chosen when rebalancing shards
get_rebalance_progress Monitor the moves planned and executed by rebalance_table_shards
get_rebalance_table_shards_plan Output the planned shard movements of rebalance_table_shards without performing them
rebalance_table_shards Move shards of the given table to distribute them evenly among the workers


Name Description
create_distributed_function Make function run on workers near colocated shards
update_distributed_table_colocation Update or break colocation of a distributed table

Columnar storage

Name Description
alter_columnar_table_set Change settings on a columnar table
alter_table_set_access_method Convert a table between heap or columnar storage

Timeseries partitioning

Name Description
alter_old_partitions_set_access_method Change storage method of partitions
create_time_partitions Create partitions of a given interval to cover a given range of time
drop_old_time_partitions Remove all partitions whose intervals fall before a given timestamp


Name Description
citus_get_active_worker_nodes Get active worker host names and port numbers
citus_relation_size Get disk space used by all the shards of the specified distributed table
citus_remote_connection_stats Show the number of active connections to each remote node
citus_stat_statements_reset Remove all rows from citus_stat_statements
citus_table_size Get disk space used by all the shards of the specified distributed table, excluding indexes
citus_total_relation_size Get total disk space used by the all the shards of the specified distributed table, including all indexes and TOAST data
column_to_column_name Translate the partkey column of pg_dist_partition into a textual column name
get_shard_id_for_distribution_column Find the shard ID associated with a value of the distribution column

Server parameters

Query execution

Name Description
citus.all_modifications_commutative Allow all commands to claim a shared lock
citus.count_distinct_error_rate Tune error rate of postgresql-hll approximate counting
citus.enable_repartition_joins Allow JOINs made on non-distribution columns
citus.enable_repartitioned_insert_select Allow repartitioning rows from the SELECT statement and transferring them between workers for insertion
citus.limit_clause_row_fetch_count The number of rows to fetch per task for limit clause optimization
citus.local_table_join_policy Where data moves when doing a join between local and distributed tables
citus.multi_shard_commit_protocol The commit protocol to use when performing COPY on a hash distributed table
citus.propagate_set_commands Which SET commands are propagated from the coordinator to workers
citus.create_object_propagation Behavior of CREATE statements in transactions for supported objects
citus.use_citus_managed_tables Allow local tables to be accessed in worker node queries


Name Description
citus.explain_all_tasks Make EXPLAIN output show all tasks
citus.explain_analyze_sort_method Sort method of the tasks in the output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE
citus.log_remote_commands Log queries the coordinator sends to worker nodes
citus.multi_task_query_log_level Log-level for any query that generates more than one task
citus.stat_statements_max Max number of rows to store in citus_stat_statements
citus.stat_statements_purge_interval Frequency at which the maintenance daemon removes records from citus_stat_statements that are unmatched in pg_stat_statements
citus.stat_statements_track Enable/disable statement tracking
citus.show_shards_for_app_name_prefixes Allows shards to be displayed for selected clients that want to see them
citus.override_table_visibility Enable/disable shard hiding

Inter-node connection management

Name Description
citus.executor_slow_start_interval Time to wait in milliseconds between opening connections to the same worker node
citus.force_max_query_parallelization Open as many connections as possible
citus.max_adaptive_executor_pool_size Max worker connections per session
citus.max_cached_conns_per_worker Number of connections kept open to speed up subsequent commands
citus.node_connection_timeout Max duration (in milliseconds) to wait for connection establishment

Data transfer

Name Description
citus.enable_binary_protocol Use PostgreSQL’s binary serialization format (when applicable) to transfer data with workers
citus.max_intermediate_result_size Size in KB of intermediate results for CTEs and subqueries that are unable to be pushed down


Name Description
citus.distributed_deadlock_detection_factor Time to wait before checking for distributed deadlocks
citus.log_distributed_deadlock_detection Whether to log distributed deadlock detection-related processing in the server log

System tables

The coordinator node contains metadata tables and views to help you see data properties and query activity across the cluster.

Name Description
citus_dist_stat_activity Distributed queries that are executing on all nodes
citus_lock_waits Queries blocked throughout the cluster
citus_shards The location of each shard, the type of table it belongs to, and its size
citus_stat_statements Stats about how queries are being executed, and for whom
citus_tables A summary of all distributed and reference tables
citus_worker_stat_activity Queries on workers, including tasks on individual shards
pg_dist_colocation Which tables' shards should be placed together
pg_dist_node Information about worker nodes in the cluster
pg_dist_object Objects such as types and functions that have been created on the coordinator node and propagated to worker nodes
pg_dist_placement The location of shard replicas on worker nodes
pg_dist_rebalance_strategy Strategies that rebalance_table_shards can use to determine where to move shards
pg_dist_shard The table, distribution column, and value ranges for every shard
time_partitions Information about each partition managed by such functions as create_time_partitions and drop_old_time_partitions

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