Regional availability for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

APPLIES TO: Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (powered by the Citus database extension to PostgreSQL)

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL is available in the following Azure regions:

  • Americas:
    • Brazil South
    • Canada Central
    • Canada East
    • Central US
    • East US
    • East US 2
    • North Central US
    • South Central US
    • West Central US
    • West US
    • West US 2
    • West US 3
  • Asia Pacific:
    • Australia Central
    • Australia East
    • Central India
    • East Asia
    • Japan East
    • Japan West
    • Korea Central
    • Southeast Asia
  • Europe:
    • France Central
    • Germany West Central
    • North Europe
    • Sweden Central
    • Switzerland North
    • Switzerland West†
    • UK South
    • West Europe
  • Middle East:
    • Qatar Central

† This Azure region is a restricted one. To use it you need to request access to it by opening a support request.

Some of these regions may not be activated on all Azure subscriptions. If you want to use a region from the list and don't see it in your subscription, or if you want to use a region not on this list, open a support request.

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