Azure Cosmos DB whitepapers

APPLIES TO: NoSQL MongoDB Cassandra Gremlin Table

Whitepapers allow you to explore Azure Cosmos DB concepts at a deeper level. This article provides you with a list of available whitepapers for Azure Cosmos DB.

Whitepaper Description
Schema-Agnostic Indexing with Azure Cosmos DB This paper describes Azure Cosmos DB's indexing subsystem. This paper includes Azure Cosmos DB capabilities such as document representation, query language, document indexing approach, core index support, and early production experiences.
Azure Cosmos DB and personal data This paper provides guidance for Azure Cosmos DB customers managing a cloud-based database, an on-premises database, or both, and who need to ensure that the personal data in their database systems is handled and protected in accordance with current rules.
Next-gen app development with Azure Cosmos DB This paper explores how Azure Cosmos DB is uniquely positioned to address the data requirements of modern apps. It includes three customers spotlights highlighting the API for MongoDB, simplified data management, cost-effective scalability, market-leading performance, and reliability.