Assign permissions to Cost Management APIs

Before using the Azure Cost Management APIs, you need to properly assign permissions to an Azure service principal. From there you can use the service principal identity to call the APIs.

Permissions configuration checklist

Assign service principal access to Azure Resource Manager APIs

After you create a service principal to programmatically call the Azure Resource Manager APIs, you need to assign it the proper permissions to authorize against and execute requests in Azure Resource Manager. There are two permission frameworks for different scenarios.

Azure billing hierarchy access

If you have an Azure Enterprise Agreement or a Microsoft Customer Agreement, you can configure service principal access to Cost Management data in your billing account. To learn more about the billing hierarchies available and what permissions are needed to call each API in Azure Cost Management, see Understand and work with scopes.

Azure role-based access control

Service principal support extends to Azure-specific scopes, like management groups, subscriptions, and resource groups. You can assign service principal permissions to thee scopes directly in the Azure portal or by using Azure PowerShell.

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