Azure EA pricing

This article provides a pricing overview for Azure enterprise customers.

Azure EA pricing overview

This section provides details on how usage is calculated. It answers many frequently asked questions about charges for various Azure services in an Enterprise Agreement where the calculations are more complex.

Price protection

As a customer or a channel partner, you're guaranteed to receive prices at or below prices shown on your Customer Price Sheet (CPS) or the price in effect on the effective date of your Azure purchase. This price is referred to as the baseline price. For services introduced after your Azure purchase, you're charged the price that's in effect at the applicable level discount when the service is first introduced. This price protection applies for the duration of your Prepayment term - one or three years depending upon your Enterprise Agreement.

Price changes

Microsoft may drop the current Enterprise Agreement price for individual Azure services during the term of an enrollment. We'll extend these reduced rates to existing customers while the lower price is in effect. If these rates increase later, your enrollment's price for a service won't increase beyond your price protection ceiling as defined above. However, the rate might increase relative to the prior lowered price. In either case, we will inform customers and indirect channel partners of upcoming price changes by emailing the Enterprise and Partner administrators associated with the enrollment.

Current effective pricing

Customer and channel partners can view their current pricing for an enrollment by logging into the Azure Enterprise portal and viewing the price sheet page for that enrollment. Direct EA customers can now view and download price sheet in the Azure portal. See view price sheet.

If you purchase Azure indirectly through one of our channel partners, you'll need to obtain your pricing updates from your channel partner unless they've enabled markup pricing to be displayed for your enrollment.

Introduction of new Azure services

We're continually enhancing Azure and periodically add new services that are priced separately from existing services. Some preview services are automatically available, while others require customer action in the Azure Account portal.

Some services start out with promotional pricing in effect when first introduced which may be increased at a future date.

As services move from preview to general availability (GA), prices might increase as full performance and reliability SLAs are applied. Such an increase isn't limited by normal baseline price protection. Usage of those services is charged at the increased rate. To avoid charges related to these new services, you'll have to opt out of using them.

Introduction of regional pricing

In addition to the introduction of new services, services also periodically change from a single global basis to a more regional model as regional support for those services is increased.

When regionalization of a service is first introduced, baseline price protection applies for those new regions. However, if additional regions for that same service are introduced at a later time, they're considered new services and are offered at their own individual rates independent of the baseline price protection.

Enterprise Dev/Test

Enterprise administrators can enable account owners to create subscriptions based on the Enterprise Dev/Test offer. The account owner must set up the Enterprise Dev/Test subscriptions that are needed for the underlying subscribers. This configuration allows active Visual Studio subscribers to run development and testing workloads on Azure at special Enterprise Dev/Test rates. For more information, see Enterprise Dev/Test.

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