Troubleshoot subscription access after you sign a Microsoft Customer Agreement

This article helps you troubleshoot subscription access after you sign a new Microsoft Customer Agreement. Use the following information to troubleshoot and resolve common problems.

Troubleshoot subscription access

Make sure that your billing account type is Microsoft Customer Agreement. You can see your billing account type in the Azure portal in Cost Management + Billing. For more information, see Check if you have access to your MCA.

Troubleshoot viewing your billing account

If you have trouble viewing your billing account and you have multiple tenants, try switching directories in the Azure portal.

  1. In the upper right of the Azure portal, select your Azure account.
  2. Select Switch directory.
    Screenshot showing the Switch directory option.
  3. In the Directory + subscription window, select the other directory to switch to it.
    Screenshot showing where to select another directory.

Troubleshoot account access

You could have multiple accounts with Microsoft that use the same email address. You might have a personal account and a work account. The Microsoft Customer Agreement uses your work or school account. For more information, see Ensure you sign in with your Work or school Account.

  • Sign in with your Work or school account.
    Screenshot showing work or school account selection.

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