View Azure reservations as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Cloud Solution Providers can access reservations that are purchased for their customers. Use the following information to view reservations in the Azure portal.

Roles assigned with Azure Lighthouse aren't supported by reservations. To view reservations, you need to be a global admin or an admin agent in the customer's tenant.

View reservations

  1. Contact your global admin to get yourself added as an admin agent in your tenant. The option is available to global admins in the Partner Center. It's under Settings (the gear symbol on the top right of the page) > User management.
  2. After you have admin agent privilege, go to the Azure portal using the Admin on Behalf Of link.
  3. Navigate to Partner Center > Customers > expand customer details > Microsoft Azure Management Portal.
  4. In the Azure portal, go to Reservations.


Being a guest in the customer's tenant prevents you from viewing reservations. If you have guest access, you need to remove it from the tenant. Admin agent privilege doesn't override guest access.

  • To remove your guest access in the Partner Center, navigate to My Account > Organizations and then select Leave organization.

Alternately, ask another user who can access the reservation to add your guest account to the reservation order.

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