Troubleshoot Azure reservation download usage details

This article helps you understand and troubleshoot why the reserved instance usage details download is unavailable in the Azure portal.


  1. Sign in to the Azure portal and navigate to Reservations.
  2. Select a reservation.
  3. On the reservation overview page, the default view shows usage for the last seven days. You can select Download as CSV to download the reservation's usage details.
  4. When you change the time range, the option to Download as CSV becomes unavailable. Example showing Download as CSV being unavailable


Because of technical limitations, Azure doesn't support downloading data for more than a seven-day period. Lengthy periods for customers with large amounts of reservations generate large amounts of data. Returning data through APIs puts a strain on Azure resources.


We understand that customers want to download data for longer periods. However, there's currently no way download reservation usage data for long periods.

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