Cluster Template Downloads

Azure CycleCloud comes with built-in cluster templates that you can use out of the box, or customize to build a template for your specific needs. For the full list of available cluster templates, please take a look at the "cyclecloud" repositories in Microsoft Azure GitHub.

Customized templates can be imported into CycleCloud using the CycleCloud CLI:

cyclecloud import_template -f templates/template-name.template.txt

Available Template Types

Project/Template Type CycleCloud Repo Description
BeeGFS Logo BeeGFS CycleCloud project to enable configuration, orchestration, and management of BeeGFS file systems in Azure CycleCloud HPC clusters.
Grid Engine Logo Grid Engine Azure CycleCloud GridEngine cluster template.
HPCPack logo HPC Pack CycleCloud project that enables use of Microsoft HPC Pack job scheduler.
HTCondor Logo HTCondor Azure CycleCloud HTCondor cluster template.
Spectrum LSF Spectrum LSF CycleCloud project to enable use of Spectrum LSF job scheduler in Azure CycleCloud HPC clusters.
NFS logo Network File System CycleCloud project to enable use of NFS filers in HPC clusters in Azure.
OpenPBS Logo OpenPBS Azure CycleCloud OpenPBS cluster template.
slurm logo Slurm CycleCloud project to enable users to create, configure, and use Slurm HPC clusters.