CycleCloud version 7.9.10

New Features:

  • Admins can rotate the credentials that CycleCloud uses for nodes in a cluster

Resolved Issues:

  • An elevation-of-privilege vulnerability existed for a user with access to CycleCloud (CVE-2021-33762)
  • Some files in JETPACK_HOME had incorrect permissions allowing non-group readers
  • Node-based cluster credentials are now generated when the first cluster starts
  • The cyclecloud_access service account had more permissions than were necessary
  • CycleCloud had a slow memory leak that would eventually require a restart
  • Improved accessibility in the UI
  • Non-upgraded clusters created in CycleCloud 7.x but running in 8.x would not correctly run cluster-init.
  • A java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = '2' error occurred when a user had insufficient quota to create scalesets
  • T4 VM SKUs were not included in the "GPU" machine type picker