Create a table in Azure Data Explorer

Creating a table is an important step in the process of data ingestion and query in Azure Data Explorer. The following article shows how to create a table and schema mapping quickly and easily using the Azure Data Explorer web UI.


To create a new table based on existing data, see Get data from file or Get data from Azure storage.



To enable access between a cluster and a storage account without public access (restricted to private endpoint/service endpoint), see Create a Managed Private Endpoint.

Create a table

  1. In the navigation pane, select Query.

  2. Select + Add > Table or right-click on the database where you want to create the table and select Create table.

Destination tab

The Create table window opens with the Destination tab selected.

  1. The Cluster and Database fields are prepopulated. You may select different values from the drop-down menu.

  2. In Table name, enter a name for your table.


    Table names can be up to 1024 characters including alphanumeric, hyphens, and underscores. Special characters aren't supported.

  3. Select Next: Schema

Schema tab

  1. Select Add new column and the Edit columns panel opens.

  2. For each column, enter Column name and Data type. Create more columns by selecting Add column.

    Screenshot of Edit columns pane, in which you input the column name and data type in Azure Data Explorer.

  3. Select Save. The schema is displayed.

  4. Select Next: Create table.

    Screenshot of create emptytable wizard with schema input in Azure Data Explorer.

A new table is created in your target destination, with the schema you defined.