Enable isolated compute on your Azure Data Explorer cluster

Isolated compute virtual machines (VMs) enable customers to run their workload in a hardware isolated environment dedicated to single customer. Clusters deployed with isolated compute VMs are best suited for workloads that require a high degree of isolation for compliance and regulatory requirements. The compute SKU(s) offer isolation to secure data without sacrificing the flexibility in configuration. For more information, see compute isolation and Azure guidance for isolated compute.

Azure Data Explorer provides support for isolated compute using SKU Standard_E64i_v3. This SKU can scale up and down automatically to meet the needs of your application or enterprise. Isolated compute support is available in the following regions:

  • West US 2
  • East US
  • South Central US

Isolated compute VMs, although highly priced, are the ideal SKU for running workloads that require server instance-level isolation. For more information about supported SKUs for Azure Data Explorer, see select the correct VM SKU for your Azure Data Explorer cluster.


Azure Dedicated Host isn't currently supported by Azure Data Explorer.

Enable isolated compute on Azure Data Explorer cluster

To enable isolated compute in Azure Data Explorer, follow one of these processes:

Create a cluster with isolated compute SKU

  1. Follow the instructions to create an Azure Data Explorer cluster and database in the Azure portal
  2. In create a cluster within the Basics tab, select Standard_E64i_v3 in Compute specifications drop-down.

Select the isolated compute SKU on an existing cluster

  1. In your Azure Data Explorer cluster Overview screen, select Scale up
  2. In search box, search for Standard_E64i_v3 and click on the SKU name or select the Standard_E64i_v3 SKU from the SKU list.
  3. Select Apply to update your SKU.

Select the isolated compute SKU.


The scale up process may take a few minutes.

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