.alter database policy extent_tags_retention command

Alters the database-level extent tags retention policy. For more information, see extent tags retention policy.


You must have at least Database Admin permissions to run this command.


.alter database DatabaseName policy extent_tags_retention SerializedArrayOfPolicyObjects


Name Type Required Description
DatabaseName string The name of the database for which to alter the extent tags retention policy.
SerializedArrayOfPolicyObjects string A serialized array of policy objects. For more information, see the extent tags retention policy.


The following command sets an extent tags retention policy for database D1. The policy causes any drop-by tags that are older than three days and any ingest-by tags that are older than two hours to be automatically dropped.

.alter database D1 policy extent_tags_retention ```[
		"TagPrefix": "drop-by:",
		"RetentionPeriod": "3.00:00:00"
		"TagPrefix": "ingest-by:",
		"RetentionPeriod": "02:00:00"