.alter table retention policy command

Changes the table's retention policy. The retention policy controls the mechanism that automatically removes data from tables or materialized views. It is used to remove data whose relevance is age-based. The retention policy can be configured for a specific table or materialized view, or for an entire database. The policy then applies to all tables in the database that don't override it.


You must have at least Table Admin permissions to run this command.


.alter table TableName policy retention PolicyObject

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Name Type Required Description
TableName string ✔️ The name of the table.
PolicyObject string ✔️ A serialized policy object. For more information, see retention policy.


Sets a retention policy with a 10 day soft-delete period, and enable data recoverability:

.alter table MySourceTable policy retention
    "SoftDeletePeriod": "10.00:00:00",
    "Recoverability": "Enabled"