Create or alter continuous export

Creates or alters a continuous export job.


.create-or-alter continuous-export ContinuousExportName
[ over (T1, T2 )]
to table ExternalTableName
[ with (PropertyName = PropertyValue,...)]
<| Query


Argument Type Description
ContinuousExportName String Name of continuous export. Name must be unique within the database and is used to periodically run the continuous export.
ExternalTableName String Name of external table to export to.
Query String Query to export.
over (T1, T2) String An optional comma-separated list of fact tables in the query. If not specified, all tables referenced in the query are assumed to be fact tables. If specified, tables not in this list are treated as dimension tables and will not be scoped (all records will participate in all exports). See continuous data export overview for details.


Property Type Description
intervalBetweenRuns Timespan The time span between continuous export executions. Must be greater than 1 minute.
forcedLatency Timespan An optional period of time to limit the query to records that were ingested only prior to this period (relative to current time). This property is useful if, for example, the query performs some aggregations/joins and you would like to make sure all relevant records have already been ingested before running the export.
sizeLimit long The size limit in bytes of a single storage artifact being written (prior to compression). Allowed range is 100MB (default) to 1GB.
distributed bool Disable/enable distributed export. Setting to false is equivalent to single distribution hint. Default is true.
parquetRowGroupSize int Relevant only when data format is Parquet. Controls the row group size in the exported files. Default row group size is 100000 records.
useNativeParquetWriter bool Use the new export implementation when exporting to Parquet, this implementation is a more performant, resource light export mechanism. Note that an exported 'datetime' column is currently unsupported by Synapse SQL 'COPY'. Default is false.
managedIdentity string The managed identity on behalf of which the continuous export job will run. This can be an object ID, or the system reserved word. For more information on managed identities, see managed identity overview


.create-or-alter continuous-export MyExport
over (T)
to table ExternalBlob
<| T
Name ExternalTableName Query ForcedLatency IntervalBetweenRuns CursorScopedTables ExportProperties
MyExport ExternalBlob S 00:10:00 01:00:00 [
"SizeLimit": 104857600

Continuous Export with Managed Identity

In order to use Continuous Export with Managed Identity, please add the AutomatedFlow usage to the Managed Identity policy.

For more information on how to set up and use a managed identity with continuous exports, see managed identity overview.


Continuous export jobs exporting data to an external table that uses impersonation authentication must run on behalf of a managed identity. If you set up continuous export to such a table without specifying a managed identity to run on behalf of, will result in the following error message: `"Error: continuous export to external tables with impersonation requires setting the 'managedIdentity' property in the continuous export configuration.