.show ingestion failures command

This command returns information about ingestion failures associated with the use of data ingestion management commands.

This command only shows ingestion failures related to data ingestion management commands and doesn't include failures from other stages of the ingestion process. Failures from all stages of ingestion are recorded in ingestion metrics and diagnostic logs.

The retention period for ingestion failures is 14 days.


To return all recorded ingestion failures:

.show ingestion failures

To return a filtered set of ingestion failures:

.show ingestion failures | where Condition

To return an ingestion failure for a specific operation ID:

.show ingestion failures with ( OperationId = OperationId )

Learn more about syntax conventions.


Name Type Required Description
Condition string ✔️ The condition to match in order for the ingestion failure to be returned.
*OperationId guid ✔️ The operation ID of the ingestion failure to return.


Output parameter Type Description
OperationId string Operation identifier that can be used to view additional operation details via the
.show operations command
Database string Database on which the failure occurred
Table string Table on which the failure occurred
FailedOn dateTime Date/time (in UTC) when the failure was registered
IngestionSourcePath string Identifies the ingestion source (usually, an Azure Blob URI)
Details string Failure details. Provides insight into the actual ingestion failure root cause
FailureKind string Type of the failure (Permanent/Transient)
RootActivityId string Root Activity ID.
OperationKind string The ingestion operation type (phase) during which the failure was registered
OriginatesFromUpdatePolicy Boolean Indicates whether the failure was registered while executing an Update Policy
ErrorCode string Ingestion error code
Principal int The principal whosе credentials were used for the ingestion
User int The user who performed the ingestion
IngestionProperties int The ingestion properties that were sent for the ingestion operation
NumberOfSources int The number if ingestion sources represented by this failure record
ShouldRetry Boolean For internal use


The following table is an example output from the .show ingestion failures command.

OperationId Database Table FailedOn IngestionSourcePath Details FailureKind RootActivityId OperationKind OriginatesFromUpdatePolicy ErrorCode Principal User IngestionProperties NumberOfSources
3827def6-0773-4f2a-859e-c02cf395deaf DB1 Table1 2017-02-14 22:25:03.1147331 ...url... Stream with ID '*****.csv' has a malformed CSV format* Permanent 3c883942-e446-4999-9b00-d4c664f06ef6 DataIngestPull 0 Stream_ClosingQuoteMissing aadapp=xxxxxx Format=Csv 1
841fafa4-076a-4cba-9300-4836da0d9c75 DB1 Table1 2017-02-14 22:34:11.2565943 ...url... Stream with ID '*****.csv' has a malformed CSV format* Permanent 48571bdb-b714-4f32-8ddc-4001838a956c DataIngestPull 0 Stream_ClosingQuoteMissing aadapp=xxxxxx Format=Csv 1
e198c519-5263-4629-a158-8d68f7a1022f DB1 Table1 2017-02-14 22:34:44.5824741 ...url... Stream with ID '*****.csv' has a malformed CSV format* Permanent 5e31ab3c-e2c7-489a-827e-e89d2d691ec4 DataIngestPull 0 Stream_ClosingQuoteMissing aadapp=xxxxxx Format=Csv 1
a9f287a1-f3e6-4154-ad18-b86438da0929 DB1 Table1 2017-02-14 22:36:26.5525250 ...url... Unknown error occurred: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown Transient 9b7bb017-471e-48f6-9c96-d16fcf938d2a DataIngestPull 0 Unknown aadapp=xxxxxx Format=Csv 10
9edb3ecc-f4b4-4738-87e1-648eed2bd998 DB1 Table1 2017-02-14 23:52:31.5460071 ...url... Failed to download source from Azure storage - access forbidden Permanent 21fa0dd6-cd7d-4493-b6f7-78916ce0d617 DataIngestPull 0 Download_Forbidden aadapp=xxxxxx Format=Csv 1