.show ingestion mapping

Use this command to view a specific ingestion mapping, or all ingestion mappings, for a database or table.


View a specific mapping:

.show [table|database] EntityName ingestion MappingKind mapping MappingName

View all mappings or all mappings of a specific type:

.show [table|database] EntityName ingestion [ MappingKind ] mappings


Name Type Required Description
EntityName string The name of the table or database for which to show the ingestion mapping(s).
MappingKind string The type of mapping(s) to view. Possible values: csv, json, avro, w3clogfile, parquet, and orc.
MappingName string The name of the mapping to view. This argument is required if you specify that you want to view a single mapping instead of multiple mappings for the entity. See syntax options.


The command returns a table with the columns Name, Kind, and Mapping that describe the ingestion mapping(s) names, types, and specifications.


Show a specific ingestion mapping

.show table MyTable ingestion csv mapping "mapping1" 


Name Kind Mapping
mapping1 CSV [{"Name":"rownumber","DataType":"int","CsvDataType":null,"Ordinal":0,"ConstValue":null},{"Name":"rowguid","DataType":"string","CsvDataType":null,"Ordinal":1,"ConstValue":null}]

If the table only contained one CSV formatted mapping named "mapping1", the following query would return the same output as the previous query.

.show table MyTable ingestion csv mappings 

.show database MyDatabase ingestion csv mappings

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