.show table policy streamingingestion command

Displays the table's streaming ingestion policy. Use the streaming policy to manage streaming ingestion for databases and tables.

Streaming ingestion is targeted for scenarios that require low latency, with an ingestion time of less than 10 seconds for varied volume data. It's used to optimize operational processing of many tables, in one or more databases, where the stream of data into each table is relatively small (a few records per second) but the overall data ingestion volume is high (thousands of records per second).

Use the classic (bulk) ingestion instead of streaming ingestion when the amount of data grows to more than 4 Gb per hour per table.

To learn how to implement streaming ingestion, see streaming ingestion.


You must have at least Database User, Database Viewer, or Database Monitor permissions to run this command. For more information, see role-based access control.


.show table TableName policy streamingingestion

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Name Type Required Description
TableName string The name of the table for which to show the policy details.


The following command displays the streaming ingestion policy:

.show table MyTable policy streamingingestion