.show table policy update command

Show the table update policy. The update policy simplifies the process of syncing and updating data between two tables. When new data is inserted into the source table, a transformation query runs over this data to modify and insert the data into the target table.


The source table and the table for which the update policy is defined must be in the same database. The update policy function schema and the target table schema must match in their column names, types, and order.


You must have at least Database User, Database Viewer, or Database Monitor permissions to run these commands. For more information, see role-based access control.


.show table [ DatabaseName.]TableName policy update

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Name Type Required Description
DatabaseName string The name of the database. This is required when running the command from outside the database context of the specified table.
TableName string The name of the table for which to show the policy details.


Returns a JSON representation of the policy.


The following example shows the update policies for all tables:

.show table * policy update