Returns details of the principal running the query.



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The details of the current principal as a dynamic. The following table describes the returned fields.

Field Description
UserPrincipalName The sign-in identifier for users. For more information, see UPN.
IdentityProvider The source that validates the identity of the principal.
Authority The Azure AD tenant ID.
Mfa Indicates the use of multi-factor authentication. For more information, see Access token claims reference.
Type The category of the principal: aaduser, aadapp, or aadgroup.
DisplayName The user-friendly name for the principal that is displayed in the UI.
ObjectId The Azure AD object ID for the principal.
FQN The Fully Qualified Name (FQN) of the principal. Valuable for security role management commands. For more information, see Referencing security principals.


print details=current_principal_details()

Example output

"UserPrincipalName": "",
"IdentityProvider": "",
"Authority": "72f988bf-86f1-41af-91ab-2d7cd011db47",
"Mfa": "True",
"Type": "AadUser",
"DisplayName": "James Smith (upn:",
"ObjectId": "346e950e-4a62-42bf-96f5-4cf4eac3f11e",
"FQN": null,
"Notes": null