The split() function takes a string and splits it into substrings based on a specified delimiter, returning the substrings in an array. Optionally, you can retrieve a specific substring by specifying its index.


split(source, delimiter [, requestedIndex])


Name Type Required Description
source string The source string that will be split according to the given delimiter.
delimiter string The delimiter that will be used in order to split the source string.
requestedIndex int A zero-based index. If provided, the returned string array will contain the requested substring at the index if it exists.


An array of substrings obtained by separating the source string by the specified delimiter, or a single substring at the specified requestedIndex.


    split("aa_bb", "_"),           // ["aa","bb"]
    split("aaa_bbb_ccc", "_", 1),  // ["bbb"]
    split("", "_"),                // [""]
    split("a__b", "_"),            // ["a","","b"]
    split("aabbcc", "bb")          // ["aa","cc"]
print_0 print_1 print_2 print_3 print4
["aa","bb"] ["bbb"] [""] ["a","","b"] ["aa","cc"]