Time pivot

The time pivot visualization is an interactive navigation over the events time-line pivoting on time axis.


  • This visualization can only be used in the context of the render operator.
  • This visualization can be used in Kusto.Explorer but is not available in the Azure Data Explorer web UI.


T | render timepivot [with (propertyName = propertyValue [, ...])]


Name Type Required Description
T string Input table name.
propertyName, propertyValue string A comma-separated list of key-value property pairs. See supported properties.

Supported properties

All properties are optional.

PropertyName PropertyValue
accumulate Whether the value of each measure gets added to all its predecessors. (true or false)
legend Whether to display a legend or not (visible or hidden).
series Comma-delimited list of columns whose combined per-record values define the series that record belongs to.
ymin The minimum value to be displayed on Y-axis.
ymax The maximum value to be displayed on Y-axis.
title The title of the visualization (of type string).
xaxis How to scale the x-axis (linear or log).
xcolumn Which column in the result is used for the x-axis.
xtitle The title of the x-axis (of type string).
yaxis How to scale the y-axis (linear or log).
ycolumns Comma-delimited list of columns that consist of the values provided per value of the x column.
ytitle The title of the y-axis (of type string).

This visualization isn't supported.