Kusto.Explorer code features

Similar to other IDEs, Kusto.Explorer offers a variety of code features, including Code refactoring, Code navigation, and a Code analyzer utility.

Code refactoring

Use Kusto.Explorer's KQL query editing and refactoring features to rename variables and column names, and extract scalars and tabular statements as let expressions.

Rename variable or column name

Rename selected symbols by clicking Ctrl+R in the query editor window.

Animated GIF that shows a variable being renamed in the Query Editor window. Three occurrences are simultaneously replaced with the new name.

Extract scalars as let expressions

To define selected literals as let expressions, press Alt+Ctrl+M.

Animated GIF. The Query Editor pointer starts on a literal expression. A let statement then appears that sets that literal value to a new variable.

Extract tabular statements as let expressions

To define tabular expressions as let statements, select the text, and then press Alt+Ctrl+M.

Animated GIF. A tabular expression is selected in the Query Editor. A let statement then appears that sets that tabular expression to a new variable.

Code navigation

Kusto.Explorer provides several features for easy code navigation using query symbols information.

Go-to symbol definition

You can navigate to the definition of the current symbol using F12 or the Alt+Home shortcuts.

List all references of a symbol

You can obtain all references of the current symbol using the Ctrl+F12 shortcut.

References of a symbol Kusto Explorer Code Navigation.

For more information on keyboard shortcuts in Kusto.Explorer, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Code analyzer

Use Kusto.Explorer's code analyzer utility to automatically analyze the current query and output a set of applicable improvement recommendations.

To view improvement recommendations, at the bottom of the result grid, select the Issues tab.

Code analyzer GIF in Kusto Explorer.