Manually promote a Resource Manager template to each environment

APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics

Use the steps below to promote a Resource Manager template to each environment for continuous integration and delivery in Azure Data Factory.

Steps to manually promote a template

  1. Go to Manage hub in your data factory, and select ARM template in the "Source control" section. Under ARM template section, select Export ARM template to export the Resource Manager template for your data factory in the development environment.

    Export a Resource Manager template

  2. In your test and production data factories, select Import ARM Template. This action takes you to the Azure portal, where you can import the exported template. Select Build your own template in the editor to open the Resource Manager template editor.

    Build your own template

  3. Select Load file, and then select the generated Resource Manager template. This is the ARMTemplateForFactory.json file located in the .zip file exported in step 1.

    Edit template

  4. In the settings section, enter the configuration values, like linked service credentials, required for the deployment. When you're done, select Review + create to deploy the Resource Manager template.

    Settings section

Next steps