SAP templates overview

APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics


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Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines provide SAP templates to quickly get started with a pattern based approach for various SAP scenarios.

See pipeline templates for an overview of pipeline templates.

SAP templates summary

The following table shows the templates related to SAP connectors that can be found in the Azure Data Factory template gallery:

SAP Connector/Data Store Scenario Description
SAP CDC Replicate multiple objects from SAP via SAP CDC Use this template for metadata driven incremental loads from multiple SAP ODP sources to Delta tables in ADLS Gen 2
SAP BW via Open Hub Incremental copy to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 Use this template to incrementally copy SAP BW data via LastRequestID watermark to ADLS Gen 2
SAP HANA Dynamically copy tables to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 Use this template to do a full copy of list of tables from SAP HANA to ADLS Gen 2
SAP Table Incremental copy to Azure Blob Storage Use this template to incrementally copy SAP Table data via a date timestamp watermark to Azure Blob Storage