Azure PowerShell samples for Azure Data Factory

APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics


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The following table includes links to sample Azure PowerShell scripts for Azure Data Factory.

Script Description
Copy data
Copy blobs from a folder to another folder in an Azure Blob Storage This PowerShell script copies blobs from a folder in Azure Blob Storage to another folder in the same Blob Storage.
Copy data from SQL Server to Azure Blob Storage This PowerShell script copies data from a SQL Server database to an Azure blob storage.
Bulk copy This sample PowerShell script copies data from multiple tables in a database in Azure SQL Database to Azure Synapse Analytics.
Incremental copy This sample PowerShell script loads only new or updated records from a source data store to a sink data store after the initial full copy of data from the source to the sink.
Transform data
Transform data using a Spark cluster This PowerShell script transforms data by running a program on a Spark cluster.
Lift and shift SSIS packages to Azure
Create Azure-SSIS integration runtime This PowerShell script provisions an Azure-SSIS integration runtime that runs SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages in Azure.