What's new in Data Lake Analytics?


New Azure Data Lake Analytics accounts can no longer be created unless your subscription has been enabled. If you need your subscription to be enabled contact support and provide your business scenario.

If you are already using Azure Data Lake Analytics, you'll need to create a migration plan to Azure Synapse Analytics for your organization by February 29th, 2024.

Azure Data Lake Analytics is updated on an aperiodic basis for certain components. To stay updated with the most recent update, this article provides you with information about:

  • The notification of key component beta preview
  • The important component version information, for example: the list of the component available versions, the current default version and so on.

Notification of key component beta preview

No key component beta version available for preview.

U-SQL runtime

The Azure Data Lake U-SQL runtime, including the compiler, optimizer, and job manager, is what processes your U-SQL code.

When you submit the Azure Data Lake analytics job from any tools, your job will use the currently available default runtime in production environment.

The runtime version will be updated aperiodically. And the previous runtime will be kept available for some time. When a new Beta version is ready for preview, it will be also available there.


  • Choosing a runtime that is different from the default has the potential to break your U-SQL jobs. It is highly recommended not to use these non-default versions for production, but for testing only.
  • The non-default runtime version has a fixed lifecycle. It will be automatically expired.

To get understanding how to troubleshoot U-SQL runtime failures, refer to Troubleshoot U-SQL runtime failures.

.NET Framework

Azure Data Lake Analytics now is using the .NET Framework v4.7.2.

If your Azure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL script code uses custom assemblies, and those custom assemblies use .NET libraries, validate your code to check if there are any errors.

To get understanding how to troubleshoot a .NET upgrade using Troubleshoot a .NET upgrade.

Release note

For recent update details, refer to the Azure Data Lake Analytics release note.

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