What is Azure Data Manager for Agriculture Preview?


Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is currently in preview. For legal terms that apply to features that are in beta, in preview, or otherwise not yet released into general availability, see Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture requires registration and is available to only approved customers and partners during the preview period. To request access to Microsoft Data Manager for Agriculture during the preview period, use this form.

Adopting sustainable agriculture practices is crucial for the future of our planet. Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is built to help the industry accelerate their sustainability and agriculture practices using digital solutions. In addition, Azure Data Manager for Agriculture helps to facilitate a more sustainable future and a more productive agriculture industry by empowering organizations to:

  • Drive innovation through insight.
  • Reduce their environmental impact.
  • Optimize agriculture operations.
  • Build trust rooted in transparency.

With access to data and insights from the farm, organizations can drive harvest and production efficiency, reduce food waste, create nutrient dense and high-quality products, automate and improve ESG and Scope 3 emissions reporting, and provide transparency to stakeholders. This will help build a sustainable agriculture industry that can feed the world and support the planet.

Azure Data Manager for Agriculture brings together data from across the agriculture value chain to generate new insights and provide transparency, empowering the industry to innovate faster, fine-tune operations, and create a more sustainable future.

Azure Data Manager for Agriculture helps reduce data engineering investments through an industry validated data model. This enables standardization and enables use of pre-existing data solutions and agronomic models to avoid undifferentiated work. Customers can seamlessly orchestrate between highly specialized ISV point solutions, our solution framework for ISVs enables industry leading models to help farmers increase yield, reduce risk and minimize waste on the farm. An example is Bayer’s crop water use maps.

Our key features

Screenshot showing key features.

  • Ingest, store and manage farm data: Connectors for satellite, weather forecast, farm operations, sensor data and extensibility framework help ingest your farm data.
  • Run Apps on your farm data: Use REST APIs to power your apps.
  • Build and run models: The agriculture data model is the underlying logic to store data and help generate insights and actions.
  • Get insights: Solution framework for ISVs to enable industry leading models

Next steps

  • See the Hierarchy Model and learn how to create and organize your agriculture data here.
  • Understand our APIs here.