Set Azure Resource Manager password on Azure Stack Edge Pro GPU device

APPLIES TO: Yes for Pro GPU SKUAzure Stack Edge Pro - GPUYes for Pro 2 SKUAzure Stack Edge Pro 2Yes for Pro R SKUAzure Stack Edge Pro RYes for Mini R SKUAzure Stack Edge Mini R                  

This article describes how to set your Azure Resource Manager password. You need to set this password when you are connecting to the device local APIs via the Azure Resource Manager.

Reset password via the Azure portal

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the Azure Stack Edge resource you created to manage your device.

  2. Go to Properties. In the right pane, from the command bar, select Reset Edge ARM password.

    Reset EdgeARM user password 2

  3. In the Reset EdgeArm user password blade, provide a password to connect to your device local APIs via the Azure Resource Manager. Confirm the password and select Reset.

    Reset EdgeARM user password 3

Next steps

Connect to Azure Resource Manager