Manage Azure Databricks Previews

This article tells you how to manage Azure Databricks Previews in your workspace or an organization’s workspaces. Previews provide early access to features before they are released for general availability (GA). This way you can stay up to date with the fast pace of Databricks innovation and new features as they go through the steps of private preview, public preview, and GA.

The Previews page helps you manage Previews, enabling or disabling them in a self-service manner. Databricks will continue to add preview features to the Previews page.

Manage Previews

This experience is only available to workspace and account admins. Account admins can manage Databricks account-level Previews from the Account console.

  1. Click your username in the top bar of the Databricks workspace.

    Select the Previews menu item in the admin settings menu.

  2. From the menu, select Previews.

    The Previews page helps you discover new features.

  3. Use toggles Toggle control in On position. to enable or disable previews.

Release types and access

For information about preview releases, SLA, and access, see Platform releases.

Preview lifecycle

Databricks Previews typically go through the following phases:

  1. Private Preview: In this phase, previews are invite-only and usually available to a small set of customers. Previews are OFF by default and admins can enable (or disable) the preview on workspaces.
  2. Public Preview: In this phase, previews are available to all customers. The default preview state can be enabled or disabled. Admins can opt out of the preview by disabling it on workspaces. The preview state set during the private preview phase does not change for public preview.
  3. General Availability - approaching soon: Previews in this stage are nearing general availability and are available to all customers. The preview state set during the public preview phase does not change in this phase.
  4. GA: When previews become generally available, they are removed from the Previews page. General availability is fully supported and production-ready.

See Azure Databricks preview releases.


Private Preview restrictions and limitations

  • A product in Private Preview is not intended for use in production and is provided AS-IS consistent with your agreement with Databricks.
  • Non-public information about the preview (including the fact that there is a preview for the feature or product itself) is confidential.
  • We may change or discontinue the preview at any time without notice. We may also choose not to make the preview generally commercially available.
  • Previews are not included in the SLA and do not have formal support. If you have questions or feedback, reach out to your Databricks contact.