Enable serverless compute public preview


This feature is in Public Preview.

This article explains how to enable serverless compute for notebooks and workflows.

This feature can only be enabled by a workspace admin and is only available in workspaces that meet the eligibility requirements. For more information on serverless compute, see Serverless compute for notebooks and Run your Azure Databricks job with serverless compute for workflows.


To be eligible for the public preview, your workspace must meet the following requirements:

Enable serverless compute

To enable serverless compute for notebooks and workflows in your workspace:

  1. As a workspace admin, click your user icon in the top bar of the workspace and select Previews.

    Settings dropdown with preview highlighted

  2. Enable Serverless Compute for Workflows and Notebooks.

Your workspace is now enabled for serverless compute. All users in your workspace have access to serverless compute. No additional permissions are required.