Conditional access

Azure Databricks supports Azure Active Directory conditional access, which allows administrators to control where and when users are permitted to sign in to Azure Databricks. For example, conditional access policies can restrict sign-in to your corporate network or can require multi-factor authentication. For more information about conditional access, see What is conditional access in Azure Active Directory.

This article describes how to enable conditional access for Azure Databricks.


Enable conditional access for Azure Databricks

  1. In the Azure portal, click the Azure Active Directory service.

  2. Click Conditional access in the SECURITY section.

  3. Click New policy to create a new conditional access policy.

  4. In Cloud apps, click Select apps, and then search for the application ID 2ff814a6-3304-4ab8-85cb-cd0e6f879c1d. Select AzureDatabricks.

    Conditional access

  5. Enter the remaining settings according to your preferred conditional access configuration. See the Azure AD Conditional Access Documentation for tutorials and more information.